Getting On Board – Your Options

Ready to take part in “Paint It Purple”? We’ve got fun options for everybody from those of you who love a good party to social media mavens to baking fanatics!

Remember: Everything you do COUNTS! And we are literally adding every action you take for “Paint It Purple” to our partner, UN Women’s Say NO – UNiTE Against Violence Against Women’s tally of global actions taken to end violence against women!


6 Options for Getting On Board “Paint It Purple”

Option 1: Painting the Internet Purple – A Social Media Campaign

This is a clarion call-to-action to all our volunteers, partners, supporters, friends, family and the global public to help The Pixel Project “paint” the internet purple (the colour of the VAW and DV cause) through a viral visual campaign using virtual tools such as twibbons, buttons and banners.

Suitable for:Social Media Mavens, everybody with a Facebook and Twitter accounts and blogs/websites.

Estimated time needed: About 2 to 5 minutes from download to upload. Depends on your internet speed and how many social media accounts you have.

To participate: Go to our ‘Paint The Internet Purple!’ page, download the “Paint It Purple” badge/banner/avatar/wallpaper you need and post it on your social media account. You can download the goodies here.

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Option 2: Join Our YouTube “Wall of Support”

The Pixel Project’s Wall of Support is a global chorus of voices of people from all walks of life who are stepping up to say NO to violence against women.

Just put on your best purple outfit, record your video, upload it to YouTube and submit the link to us for inclusion in the Wall where you will stand tall and proud with over 100 other individuals already standing up for the right of women and girls to live a life free of violence.

Suitable for: Anybody with a webcam or digital video camera.

Estimated time needed: 10 minutes with a webcam… or a whole day if you’re the type who loves doing professional-level production. It’s up to you!

To participate: Go to our Wall of Support page here, download the guidelines and starter script, record your message and submit it to us here.

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Option 3: The “Paint It Purple” Cupcake Recipe Gallery

Is baking something sweet and yummy your idea of a relaxing weekend morning? Are you the one who’s got dessert covered for any potluck party? Are you a parent who loves baking with your kids? Do you jealously guard your family’s recipes for cupcakes?

If so, we invite you to submit your favourite cupcake recipe (and pictures of said cupcakes) for inclusion in our brand new “Paint It Purple” Cupcake Recipe Gallery.

Suitable for: Domestic goddesses, baking fanatics, foodies, families.

Estimated time needed: 15 minutes to fill in the form plus the time you need to bake, cool, decorate and take pictures of your cupcakes.

To participate: To download your recipe submission form and guidelines, go here.

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Option 4: The “Paint It Purple” Blogger Carnival

Do you have a blog? If you do, you might consider contributing a special post for “Paint It Purple”.

It’s your chance to use the power of your blog to speak up against violence against women and to have your blogpost listed together with other likeminded bloggers. Plus you’ll get a profile boost as you will be part of the group of bloggers highlighted to our loyal and active Facebook and Twitter supporters!

Suitable for: Bloggers

Estimated Time Needed: 15 minutes or more depending on your personal musing-and-writing speed and the length of your post.

To participate: For more information, ideas for blog posts and how to submit your “Paint It Purple” blog post, go here.

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Option 5:“Paint It Purple” Parties – Fun-filled Awareness-raising 

“Paint It Purple” Parties can be held by any Pixel Project partner, VAW organisation/charity, grassroots community group and individual who wish to do so.

We will provide you with the event framework and a comprehensive Organiser’s Toolkit which includes a Master Checklist, materials all ready to print, visuals for online campaigning etc. All you have to do is to run the party!

Suitable for: Pixel Project partners, VAW nonprofits/charities, grassroots community groups, private individuals.

Estimated Time Needed: 1 to 6 weeks of prep time depending on the size of your party and whether it is a public fundraising party or a private party with friends.

To participate: Go to our “Throw a Purple Party” section to learn more and to download the registration pack and guidelines.

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Option 6: Fundraising – The Great Cupcake Bake Sale

“Paint It Purple” aims to eventually become the biggest charity cupcake bake sale in the world raising funds for the cause to end VAW.

Funds will be raised in the form of proceeds from the sale of special cupcakes carrying The Pixel Project’s Purple and White ribbon signifying men and women working together to end violence against women.

So if you are a home baker, run a cupcakery or are putting on a “Paint It Purple” party, please consider selling special “Paint It Purple” cupcakes during the campaign to raise funds for us and your local VAW nonprofit.

Suitable for: Cupcakeries and bakeries around the world, and “Paint It Purple” party organisers including Pixel Project partners, VAW nonprofits/charities, grassroots community groups and private individuals.

Estimated Time Needed:

  • Bakeries and cupcakeries: You can carry and sell “Paint It Purple” cupcakes for any duration during the campaign period.
  • “Paint It Purple” party organisers: You can sell the cupcakes on the day of the party itself and if possible, work with your local cupcake provider to also carry and sell cupcakes throughout the campaign period.

To participate: Go to our Cupcake Bake Sale section to learn more and to download the registration pack and guidelines.

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