5 Reasons to Fundraise With “Paint It Purple”

Benefit 1: Behind-the-Scenes Assistance. All VAW nonprofits, individuals and bakeries raising funds via “Paint It Purple” will get a toolkit of materials to help you set up your bake sale, to track sales and to publicise/promote your bake sale.

Benefit 2: Online publicity. To help drive cupcake sales, all fundraisers will be publicised online via our Facebook page, our blog and our acclaimed round-the-clock Twitter Tag Team.

Benefit 3: The 70/30 Rule. For bakeries and community/grassroots groups who fundraise through the “Paint It Purple” campaign, 70% of the funds raised go to your nonprofit/your choice of local anti-VAW nonprofit. The remaining 30% goes to The Pixel Project to help us continue our programmes (such as “Paint It Purple”!). So no matter how big or small your fundraising total is, we only take a small set percentage and your choice of local anti-VAW nonprofit gets the bulk.

Benefit 4: A Sweet Way to Raise Your Profile. For bakeries/cupcakeries, We’ll be able to offer a number of profile-raising activities including profiling interviews and promotional tweets..All fundraisers, be you a nonprofit, an individual or a bakery/cupcakery, also get a place on our Honours List of Cupcake Fundraisers,

Benefit 5: Support Local Business. We encourage all organisers and fundraisers to work with local independent bakeries/cupcakeries where possible to help give something back to the community. If you are baking the cupcakes yourself, we encourage you to use local ingredients or buy from local independent suppliers.

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Have more questions about fundraising with “Paint It Purple”? Check out the FAQ page. here.