FAQs – Wall of Support

I don’t know what to say for my PSA. What do I do?

Not to worry! We have prepared a quick script that you can use. Please download the script here.

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What should I wear while recording my PSA?

All participants should record their PSA while wearing purple or a mix of purple and white.

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How do I submit my “Paint It Purple” PSA?

Please submit your PSAs according to the instructions on the PSA submission page here.

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Can I still submit a PSA even if I don’t attend a “Paint It Purple” party?

Yes, you can. Just follow the guidelines here and submit it via the online submission form.

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Can more than 1 person be in a PSA?

PSAs should ideally be recorded by individuals.

However, if you wish to record it in pairs or in groups of three, that’s fine. We do not recommend any more than 3 people in a PSA would crowd more webcams or digital video camera screens too much.

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For “Paint It Purple” Party Organisers: How should I structure my party’s PSAs?

A pro forma script is provided in the Organisers’ Pack to ensure uniformity of message and ease of recording. Please distribute to participants as needed.

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For “Paint It Purple” Party Organisers: How should I submit my party’s PSAs?

All PSAs must be uploaded onto YouTube and a list of the individual URLs must be listed out in the PSA submission page (see Organisers’ Pack).

All uploaded PSA must be titled as follows: Name of individual(s) – Location – Profession/Job of individual. E.g. Regina Yau – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Founder of The Pixel Project

Please send only links as video files tend to be too large to be received by most emails.

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