“Paint It Purple”: Recipe Contributor’s Agreement

You agree to the terms of this Recipe Contributor’s Agreement when you submit your cupcake recipe for the “Paint It Purple” recipe gallery as follows:

  1. You acknowledge that all of the information you have provided in this application is true and accurate.
  2. You acknowledge that you understand and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

(A) Participation in Event

    1. All participants must submit their recipe using the provided recipe submission form along with 2 – 3 high resolution (1MB) photographs/pictures of the cupcake.
    2. You acknowledge that the deadline for recipe submission is 30 September 2013 and that your recipe will not be published should it be submitted after the deadline.
    3. You must provide accurate credit for the recipe if you submit a recipe from a published cookbook or that was created by somebody else.

(B) Use of Materials for Promotion and Publicity:

  1. You are encouraged, but not obligated, to send any supporting audio files or video files related to your “Paint It Purple” recipe to The Pixel Project.
  2. If you send any audio files or video files of your “Paint It Purple” cupcake recipe, you authorise The Pixel Project for use in our online galleries, promotions etc of the campaign for any purposes for the promotion or mentions of the “Paint It Purple” programme
  3. In promoting and publicising your participation in the “Paint It Purple” cupcake recipe collection project, you agree to limit the use of The Pixel Project’s Trademarks, Copyrights & Logos (including those specifically for “Paint It Purple”) on any merchandise or publicity to the “Paint It Purple” campaign unless permission is granted otherwise.

(C) Use of Recipes for Future Fundraising

  1. You authorise The Pixel Project free use of your recipe for future fundraising efforts such as Pixel Project organised bake sales or a special Pixel Project cupcake recipe book/e-book.
  2. You agree that 100% of the funds raised via future Pixel Project fundraising effort/events/products using your recipe will belong to The Pixel Project or any anti-Violence Against Women organisations the efforts/events/products intend to benefit.
  3. You agree for The Pixel Project to give you or the originator/creator of the recipe full credit/acknowledgement for the recipe.

Failure to adhere to any of the conditions of this Recipe Contributor’s Agreement will result in The Pixel Project not including your recipe in the “Paint It Purple” cupcake recipe gallery or in future cupcake-related fundraising activities for the anti-Violence Against Women cause.

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