Donate To The Pixel Project

Welcome to The Pixel Project’s giving page!

The Pixel Project is a California 501(c)(3) public charity. Tax ID number: 42-1769490

Your donations in the US are fully tax-deductible. Please be as generous as you can to support our work.

Your donation goes directly towards our campaigns, projects and initiatives that:

  • Raise awareness about Violence Against Women (VAW) through online campaigns.
  • Get men and boys on board and actively supporting the cause to end VAW.
  • Educate people around the world about VAW through our website, campaigns and projects.
  • Generate conversation about VAW through safe online spaces
  • Keep us sustainable by raising funds for us and our anti-VAW partners.
  • Help us take care of our costs and expenses as we grow and build our organisational capacity to handle our growing roster of campaigns, projects and initiatives.

Our campaigns, projects and initiatives include:

Our costs/expenses include:

  • Content creation activities – Photo shoots, Public Service Announcement shoots, phone calls for interviews, infographic creation etc.
  • Technology services and tools – Webmaster fees, online security services, programmers’ fees, subscriptions to/purchases of software and applications that we require (e.g. FTP transfer services) etc.
  • Core organisational expenses – Communications expenses (postage, phone calls, Skype calls to phones etc); annual statutory representation, financial services (e.g. banking fees), travel expenses for volunteers representing us at events etc.
  • Additional required expenses, services or products that are not sponsored/donated such as marketing and promotional expenses etc.

We operate as a 100% volunteer-run virtual organisation with no brick-and-mortar offices. This keeps our running costs low. In addition, many of the services, products and tools that we use in our work are sponsored or donated.

How you can donate to us:

  • Make a one-off online donation or make a monthly pledge to us via Razoo (see donation box to your left).
  • Download ‘The Rose’ by AHMIR (our YouTube Music Ambassador)
  • Remember us in your will or estate-planning