FAQs – “Paint It Purple” Cupcake Recipe Gallery Project

What is the “Paint It Purple” recipe gallery?

The “Paint It Purple” recipe gallery is a crowdsourced collection of cupcake recipes (complete with pictures) that showcases the baking talents of our supporters and provides inspiration for those who wish to bake “Paint It Purple” cupcakes for their “Paint It Purple” parties or to sell to raise funds.

We also get each person who submits a recipe to include a quote about why he or she supports the end to violence against women.

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What is the purpose of the “Paint It Purple” recipe gallery?

The “Paint It Purple” recipe gallery is a fun way of getting people who are foodies and fans of baking to get on board the “Paint It Purple” campaign.

The recipe gallery is also meant to be a resource for those who wish to throw “Paint It Purple” parties or make cupcakes for fundraising for the campaign.

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How can I submit my recipe for the “Paint It Purple” recipe gallery?

Just download the recipe submission sheet, fill it in accordingly and send it to us together with pictures of your cupcakes!

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I don’t have a family or personal recipe for my cupcakes. Can I submit my favourite recipe from my favourite cookbook?

Yes you can but you must indicate the original recipe author and his/her book in the submission form. This is to help us accurately give credit where credit is due.

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Will my cupcake recipe be used for anything other than the recipe gallery?

Yes – there is a possibility that we may collect all submitted cupcake recipes and publish a “Paint It Purple” cupcake cookbook to raise funds for the cause in the future. When you submit a recipe to us, you are also automatically giving us permission to use your recipe for this future purpose (see “Contributor’s Agreement”).

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When will this potential “Paint It Purple” cupcake cookbook be out?

We have no set date for this. As soon as we have enough original recipes and a big enough team to focus on producing a kick-ass cookbook, we’ll let you know!

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