“Paint It Purple” 2012 Beneficiaries List

Welcome to our beneficiaries page where we will be listing all VAW nonprofits benefiting from the funds raised from the cupcake bake sales and fundraising parties of “Paint It Purple” 2012.

The Pixel Project gets a small percentage of the proceeds of the sales of the cupcakes with the rest going to the eligible VAW non profit chosen by the bakery/cupcakery or individual that organised the fundraising activity. There are 3 categories fundraisers can choose from:

Category 1: “Paint It Purple” Party/Bake Sale primarily organised by a Pixel Project partner/VAW organisation/grassroots group

  • 70% of proceeds – VAW organisation or organisers’ choice of VAW organisation as beneficiary.
  • 30% of proceeds – The Pixel Project

Category 2: “Paint It Purple” Party/Bake Sale jointly organised by The Pixel Project and a participating VAW organisation/Pixel Project partner

  • 60% of proceeds – The Pixel Project partner/Participating VAW organisation/group
  • 40% of proceeds – The Pixel Project

Category 3: “Paint It Purple” Party/Bake Sale organised directly by The Pixel Project or by Pixel Project supporters/volunteers with no partnership with any local VAW organisation.

  • 100% of proceeds – The Pixel Project

This year, 100% The Pixel Project’s share of the funds raised via “Paint It Purple” will go towards our Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign where we aim to raise US$1 million to be shared between the USA’s National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Malaysia’s Women’s Aid Organisation.

Below is the list of VAW nonprofits who are participating and/or benefiting from “Paint It Purple” 2012. This list of VAW nonprofit beneficiaries will grow as nonprofits, bakeries/cupcakeries and individuals register to hold a “Paint It Purple” party or bake sale, so please check back often for updates.


Abused Women’s Aid In Crisis, Inc. (AWAIC) – Anchorage, AK, United States of America

Abused Women’s Aid In Crisis, Inc.’s (AWAIC) mission is to provide domestic violence safe shelter and intervention to theAnchoragecommunity.  Since 1977 AWAIC has valued providing safe shelter, education, advocacy, partnerships and sustainability. AWAIC is committed to providing support to victims of domestic violence, their friends, family and the community as a whole.  We believe that everyone has the right to live in a fear-free environment and work towards eliminating domestic violence.

AWAIC is the largest emergency shelter in Alaska providing a full continuum of services for victims and those who care about them.  AWAIC provides services to women, children and men impacted by violence in their lives.  A foundation of empowerment is the key to help all those affected by domestic violence so that they can make positive decisions in their lives.

All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) – Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia

AWAM is an independent feminist organisation committed to improving the lives of women in Malaysia. Our mission is to inform, connect and mobilise those interested in: Securing women’s rights; Bringing about equality among men & women; Supporting women in crisis.

We also build the capabilities of those who work for women’s empowerment and social transformation. A big part of AWAM goes towards developing programmes to gain a foothold in accessing women’s rights in order to build a gender-equal society. These include providing counselling services and legal assistance as well as training or public education to continue creating awareness on issues of violence against women. We helped the process of enacting the Domestic Violence Act as well as setting up the One Stop Crisis Centre in major government hospitals. AWAM is also known for their campaigns such as the Citizens Against Rape which was successfully initiated by our passionate members.

Coventry Rape And Sexual Abuse Centre (CRASAC) – United Kingdom

Crasac provide individual counselling to women and girls 11 years and over who have been affected by sexual abuse and rape. They offer Group Therapy for female survivors. Trained volunteers offer free telephone helpline support to female and male survivors of sexual violence, and to their family and support network who are impacted by sexual violence. Practical, emotional and advocacy support is provided to female and male survivors of sexual violence who are going through the Criminal Justice System through the Independent Sexual Violence Advisor service.  An Outreach service providing support information & advocacy with the community. Crasac provide  training and raise awareness on the subject of rape, sexual violence and sexual abuse. Crasac works with some 3,500 women, men and children every year, and that number is rising by 20-25% annually.

YWCA Pierce County – Tacoma, WA, United States of America

Established in 1906, the YWCA Pierce County has devoted over a century to creating opportunity and safety for women and children in the the Pierce County community. A forerunner in the domestic violence service provision field, the YWCA established Washington state’s first domestic violence shelter in 1976. Comprehensive domestic violence services that target prevention and intervention include: free legal services, therapeutic services, support groups, transitional housing, trainings, teen dating violence prevention, and more.

  • YWCA Pierce County mission: To transform the lives of women and children through safety, healing, and empowerment.
  • YWCA Pierce County vision: A safe, just, and equitable community.